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What’s NEW at Frog Temple?

2016 Winter Workshops

Delve deeper into your Yoga or Pilates practice,  become an in-depth, knowledgeable Pilates Instructor learn the power of being a more "hands on" teacher.  Make the most of these darker, colder months,  here with us at Frog Temple, Inc.

Amy Alpers

From The Pilates Center in Boulder, Colorado in for a full weekend of workshops, classes and private lessons! We are excited and honored to have Amy come and share her years and years of knowledge with us. Not to be missed!

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Your "Second Heart" and Possibly The Missing Link

The Pilates Method is first and foremost about circulation-the “internal shower” of oxygen-rich blood required to “return to life” as Mr. Pilates intended his system of exercise to enable.
Saturday, March 5th at 
10am-5pm (1 hour for lunch)

Cost $350.00 per day($650.00 for both days)
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One Size Does Not Fit All..Teaching Pilates Effectively to Different Body Types & Accessing Your Psoas: Creating True Integrated Movement

Amy will be combining these 2 topics.
Sunday, March 6th at 
9am45pm (1 hour for lunch)

Cost $350.00 per day ($650.00 for both days)
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Thai Massage Workshop

Join Randy Cummins in this fusion of Thai Bodywork and Pilates Principles. This 2 consecutive day training in assisted, paired, hands on stretching techniques will promote a clearer sense of touch, breath and spinal alignment in both giver and receiver. In turn, helping to enhance the following in your clients.

Saturday, April 2nd and Saturday, April 9th 12 pm – 4 pm
Cost: $120.00 per day or $200.00 for Both Days
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