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The following classes require no prior Pilates experience:
Pilates Open Mat Classes

Integrate mind and body, breath and movement with exercises that not only strengthen your core abdominal muscles, but increase your flexibility and range of motion as well! This series of exercises done on the floor mat revolve around utilizing your own body’s resistance to strengthen, lengthen and tone the muscles.


Frog Temple listened to your requests for yoga, and here it is! This 75 minute class will please the Yogi in all of us. Our yoga promises to be a challengng Vinyasa flow series you’ll love coming back to again and again. We promise you’ll break a sweat, walking out a bit shakey, longing for the next time!

Prenatal Pilates

Introducing Pilates specifically for pregnancy. We will work to strengthen and keep your pelvic floor muscles strong, maintain flexibility and strength in and around the joints, and help to lessen common aches and pains that come with the growing belly. All this hard work leads towards ease in labor and delivery as well as recovery after the bundle of joy arrives!

Body after Baby

Wether you have had a baby 6 weeks ago to 6 years ago to however long its been, you may feel like you never got you body back! This class deals with all things “post natal”. We will go back to the basics of strengthening from within with sensitivity and tough love, beginning with the pelvic floor muscles and working our way out,just like your baby did.

Balls, Bands, and Barrels

Challenge yourself in this pilates mat class that includes balls, bands, the magic circles, roller and arcs. Never a dull moment! Get fit and have a great time getting there.

Beginner Equipment

Learn the various exercises that can be done on the pilates equipment including the reformer, the low chair and the pole system. Class size is limited to five people so please be sure to call in advance.

The following equipment classes require that you take a minimum of 3 beginning group equipment classes and/or 3 private or semi-private lessons before signing up:
Group Equipment

So, you can’t decide which equipment class to try? You’d like to try it all? This is your class! You will get an opportunity to get on each piece of apparatus in this hour long lesson! Again, the class size is limited to 5 students so lots of personalized attention. Be sure to sign up in advance for this one! Very popular!!!

Group Reformer

Learn Pilates on this unique piece of equipment using the resistance of springs to exercise the whole body! Strengthen your core muscles, lengthen and tone, rehabilitate new as well as old injuries, and energize the body. We will work in a group format of no more than 5 people at a time so you’ll receive plenty of personal attention.